So I’ve started a blog. And a website too I guess. I’ve never done this before so it’s a bit scary, but I did some prep work by doodling out some potential things I wanted to blog about. It might not go exactly as planned… but at least I planned for that too. 🙂

I just finished my building my first webpage: Life Journal. I’m feeling pretty accomplished. I wanted to keep it simple and full of photos because I find pictures always help keep people engaged in whatever they’re reading. I you like it and I hope this helps – please let me know what you think! (But please be gentle, I’m only human >.<)

I didn’t realize how much work was needed to behind the scenes to create a single web page. At first I only took a handful of photos thinking it was going to be plenty of content, but as I started writing, and as I edited my content and looked at it as a whole, I was like “WOAH. I need to put so much more work into this”.

So there I went, back behind the lens, taking photos of everything I could think of that might assist in visual appeal. I arranged and rearranged my things over and over again so that I didn’t have too many of the same pictures. I tried to be creative – some worked, some didn’t. I think overall I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished. It’s not perfect and I know I will probably look back and cringe at my work (which by the way, I’m not a words person! I’m definitely more of a numbers chick so you can probably imaging what kind of effort I have to put since words don’t come so naturally).

As challenging as this was to do… I learnt a lot! For example, how to take pictures better – photographing in natural light, and ensuring you always have a a backup SD card lol. I also spent a lot of time editing the photos, making sure the tint in the photographs were the same…. is it just me, or do you guys also have this problem too?

You know, although I’ve never blogged before, I kind of like it. It feels like writing in my journal… and I have a lot of journals. But its a little bit different because this is where I’ll talk about all the things I love to do, whereas my journals are usually more personal. I also tend to write more about how I felt in certain moments or what some of my wishes are. But my blog will be much more goal oriented and future-achieving than a reflection.

Hmmm… speaking of which… do you want to see a peek of what my personal journal entries look like? Here… let me show you!

This was a look back on my year in 2019. It was pretty eventful and I did a lot. I also like to do a similar spread during Christmas time on gifts I received, be it big or small.

If you haven’t figured it out yet – I’m obsessed with writing. More like putting things down on paper and trying to make them as pretty as possible! I hope you stick around and read my posts and watch my site evolve. This is truly my passion and I hope it shines in all the content I put out. And although I’m pretty introverted, I promise to try and engage in conversation with you. But also know that I’m doing this purely for me, because this is who I am, and this is what I love.

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