I used to plan in colour. I used to draw more, and make full colour spreads – yes, I did. Everything I created was hand-drawn and inspired by either a movie (thanks to my fiancé who is a big movie buff) or a topic that was relevant to me at the time. Sometimes I would really surprise myself (and note: I am not great at drawing, but I try!) and sometimes the final product ended up better than I thought it would!

For example, my Coffee Cats spread was done free-hand. I didn’t use a stencil or template – I simply just looked at the positioning of the first cat I drew and then tried to draw its copy cat (get it?!) as best as I could on the other side. I think this one took me a solid single-sitting to draw in pencil, outline, and colour. I really love this spread!

Also, funny fact: I am allergic to cats. I can be around them but as soon as their dander gets into my eyes, its game over haha.

For the most part, I kept things pretty simple. Drew things that were easy and popular (like lattes… because everyone likes drawing or drinking lattes!).

I also found that full spreads of one or a few related items were a great place to start for a beginner. Doodling is such an important part of the whole process. You get to learn what objects, shapes, and sizes you are good at drawing. I’d say that this is where I first learnt that I was good with things that were symmetrical or architectural and structured in nature. My brain just liked it!

So then I started getting into more structured layouts. I incorporated paragraphs and repeating patterns, and naturally the colours started fading. But not quite yet. I still used colour, but minimized them to neutrals, or just one or two similar hues per spread. It felt closer to home for me. I started adding more charts and graphs – because again, if you didn’t read it in one of my other posts… I am not a words person. So sorry if my blogs are a bit scatter-brained or don’t make sense sometimes haha. So the graphs were a nice enlightenment for me – I liked building them a lot.

So then one day, we went out on a movie date to see Blade Runner. Ok, I loved that movie so much that as soon as we got home, I started drawing what ended up being my November 2017 cover (below). The drawing of the hammer was inspired by Thor Ragnarok. I just felt so inspired. I think pretty much from there, I just kept playing with rigid lines and seeing what I could create in black and white.

So that was basically it. The rest was history. I had a thing with black and white (and grey) spreads and next thing I knew I was colourblind. I decided I was going to keep everything else in colour except my bullet journal, and I never looked back since. Not to say that I won’t ever go back to BuJo-ing in colour, but for now this is my happy place, and I really like it here.

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