I know there are tons and tons of planners out there – some of which are still on my list to get my hands on one day, but I’ve also had my fair share of planners. If you’re not sure which planner is best for you, here’s a quick and dirty rank of which ones get my recommendation.

Best Value

Recollections Planner

Before I get into it, note that this takes the cake for Best Value in terms of what you are getting and the price you pay overall. The Recollections Planner feels like a premium planner (against Erin Condren who monopolized the planner game at one point) – the quality of the pages, the content within the planner and the stickers you get at the back of the book are all beautifully done. It is also much more accessible than the EC planners since they are readily available at Michael’s stores. Lots to different views to choose from (horizontal or vertical planning) and plenty of front cover designs. When these babies first came out, I remember clearly how they were flying off the shelves everywhere. Well done, Recollections.

Best Quality

Erin Condren

This one shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s true to say that you get what you pay for when you purchase an Erin Condren. They are very popular and extremely well made. A single EC hashtag will lead you to endless posts of how you can decorate your planner with stickers to customize every week, and there are lots of Etsy shops dedicated to creating EC stickers. Luckily these stickers also fit the Recollections and Mambi planners – however it still doesn’t take away the fact that EC planner started this trend and only when you have one, you will know exactly why. It’s like having Barbie’s friends, but not Barbie. Premium packaging for a premium planner.

If you would like to try this planner, please use my referral link to let Erin know you found her through me! 😉

Most Customizable

Personal Planner

Don’t like the options for covers? Create your own. Bored of the back cover? Change it. Want to plan vertically? Go for it. Need some custom dates put in? The sky’s the limit. This planner is a chameleon and that’s the reason why I love this planner so much. You also have the option for a smaller more compact planner in size A5 if you wish – this makes it easy to haul around in your purse. You can use it as a daytimer, planner, or journal. Whatever your wish is its command.

Honourable Mention

Mambi Happy Planner

If it’s anything I can say about the Happy Planner – it’s that they make some of the cutest sticker books I have ever seen. I think this is the reason why there aren’t a lot of Easy shops dedicated to making stickers for this planner – it’s because they have so many different sticker books, and all readily available almost everywhere: Michael’s, Walmart, etc. The planner itself wasn’t my favourite, unfortunately, and it had a lot to do with the plastic rings (but cute, to say the least). It got to be annoying because the pages kept getting stuck every time I turned the page. Sadly, that eventually lead to me not wanting to use the planner at all.


Eccolo can be discreetly seen everywhere – not only do they have planners, but they also supply all sorts of home decor, accessories, and stationery collections. I purchased my planner at Chapters/Indigo at a discounted price ($15-$20 CAD). They are colourful and really cute! Having owned one of the more “premium” planners, however, it’s durability and page quality lacks in comparison. Still a great deal for younger and/or beginner planners just learning how to get organized.

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