One of the most favourite things I love about my Life Journal is that I can read how I felt during the most exciting times. I get to revisit my feelings and moments that I’ve shared with other people that I may have forgotten. It’s going to be so easy to forget these things because when you’re planning for a life event, usually there are multiple stages in the process, so each memory needs to be captured as they happen.

As soon as I had all the tools I needed to begin, the first thing I did was write down my recollection of how the proposal went. We were on vacation in Seattle so several days had already passed but luckily my Fiancé did a quick interview of me right after he proposed (we tend to do quick 2-minute videos of what we did every day whenever we go somewhere, so this exercise seemed natural). He asked me what just happened and how I felt – it was nice to go back and watch the (very-cringy lol) video to help me recall what happened. I also always carry a journal around everywhere with me so I took point form notes of things that were around me and what his side of the story was.

Another super quick way to jump start your Life Journal is to take lots and lots of photos. It’s easy to pick up your phone and take photos of everything these days. Sometimes if feels like a chore but I never regret taking too many photos. If you have a Polaroid or photo printer, they can look super cute in your journal too. If it makes it easier, request that someone whose involved in the planning to try and take lots of candid photos as well. Not only does this look good in the journal but also looks good on the Instagram! 😉

Make sure you are consistent though. This is key in building the story. Don’t forget that you don’t need to be a writer. It’s whatever method of writing that works for you – whether it be phrases or bullet notes, or full journal entries, that is entirely up to you. I like to “talk” to my journal so that’s what works for me. My journal is my future-self, and knowing its a safe place to share makes it easier to be as detailed as possible.

So if you haven’t gotten into the habit of writing – practice! It’s so much fun to watch your own writing style evolve. Not only that but I found that my writing font has gotten so much better too. In fact, I now have several fonts! I hope this tip really helps you start your journal. Member, don’t strive for perfection – go for honesty and timeliness.. and don’t let the good moments pass you by. XO

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