My knees are shaking, and I’m sitting down.


I just hit ‘Live’ on my free (yes, FREE) site and what a rush! Does that tell you about my inexperience or what? I haven’t even released my custom domain yet and I’m freaked. But wow, this kind of feels cool. It’s like winning the lottery, except I still have to go into work on Monday! Sounds so silly. My finance and I often talk about what we would do with our winnings if we won any amount at all, and the thought of debt being lifted off our shoulders would have to be the feeling I can say I can compare this moment to… is there a word for that? I have heard that people who have had a limb amputated can still feel pain where their body part doesn’t exist. I think it’s like that, although all my limbs are still here. I think my mind has gone though. Oh boy, I’d better stop rambling.

The reason why I’ve decided to release this exclusively to WordPress only is to give this boat a test ride. I wonder what the WordPress experts will say – does my site need refining? Are the menus confusing? Are my blogs boring? Should I take it back offline until I’m ready again? I can feel the blood pressure rising now. I think I need to go run around the block to slow my mind. But that wouldn’t be a very good idea since it’s quarter past 10PM and I am afraid of the dark.


…nothing like a great blog to regret I ever published. But I’m sure that will be tomorrow morning’s problem. It’s nice to meet you all anyway, my WordPress peers! If you have any words of wisdom or just want to leave me an “lol”, I’d be so pleasantly flattered. Excuse me while I go barf in a bucket.

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