Did this cover catch your attention? I hope so! Let me tell you the story behind this cover page…

Lately I have been struggling with my creativity. This isn’t unusual – I go through these phases so no big deal… but just a few days ago, I finally received a package in the mail of some die cuts I ordered from AliExpress. I was really excited so I ran to my office to test them. I don’t know if it’s because my cutting mats are getting a old, or I just didn’t roll them thoroughly enough but they didn’t turn out so great. I had to pick off some of the cuts with my hand and it made me really sad lol.

After I finished, I just left them to sit on my desk. They must’ve sat there for a few days as I side-eyed them every time I walked by (doing my very best to ignore their cry to be turned into something beautiful haha). I think the creativity road block was due to the amount of stress I had been feeling at work. Last week, I looked at numbers all week long and it was really starting to haunt me. I lived it, I breathed it, I dreamt about it… brutal.

But as I was staring into the blank pages of my bullet journal like a zombie, it dawned on me. I was staring at the bujo. The die cuts were staring at me. I looked at the die cuts. I looked at the bujo. The die cuts and the bujo looked at each other….


I knew that I had to put two and two together and start tracing the die cuts. And because my brain wasn’t working and was drowning in numbers, this was perfect. Trace, color, done. Wait a second… was I even thinking in the middle of all this? I had turned my May page cover into a fraction – 05/12!!! Five out of Twelve?! Like, c’mon Ley!! What the heck?! The stats I had building at work managed to take over my brain. I wasn’t even thinking that it could also look like May 2012… or May 12… or even December 05! Arghhhhh!! Hahaha…

Oh well. At least it’s still eye catching.

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