Incorporating creative ideas into your projects doesn’t need to be expensive. I remember the first time I saw foiling and it made me feel so sad to see that I had to have a fancy laser printer and heat tool or laminator. I thought, “UGH… how do I afford one of these?!”. It made me feel discouraged to create anything “pretty”. Well, thankfully there is more than one way to still achieve this (for MUCH cheaper), and I’m about to show you how!

First, you need to pop over to Amazon to get yourself a tape glue. You could probably find these for cheaper using a different brand, or at a local store, so don’t feel like you have to use the one I have recommended in the link. They will all work the same!

I found that writing in block letters is the best option since tape glue is so rigid and doesn’t curve well on surfaces, but remember, this is a much much cheaper alternative, so if you take some time to practice and are careful, it can still look glamourous.

Pick out a coloured foil – I purchase mine in heavy bulk rolls online, but I used to go to Michael’s for all of my craft supplies. Then cut little strips – enough to cover the text. Be very careful when placing them onto the glue because the minute you lay it down, there’s pretty much no turning back! 😀 Gently press your hands onto the glued areas so it will take the foil. For this part, I found that freshly washed hands were the way to go, because if your hands are oily, they could ruin the foil or make it curl and wrinkle.

After pressing down for some time, slowly peel the foil away. And voila, just like that, you have a magical foil pressed project that didn’t require your pocket to magically release $500 dollars!

I did exactly this same method as a way to announce a winner of one of my giveaways on my YouTube channel, so have a peek and see just how easy it is. Please don’t forget to subscribe to this website/blog and my channel for more easy DIYs! Happy foiling!

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