Think of your most favourite structurally appealing place. Now think of that place in black and white. This is exactly where my mind goes when I open my bullet journal. I don’t know what it is that makes my mind go there. Maybe it’s the perfectly symmetrical dots that are placed on the page. Something about my journal tells me it likes order and symmetry and begs me to keep the contents in this form as best as I can. And so I do.


It’s all about visual appeal when bullet journaling in black and white. Have a peek at some of my work!

learn how to bujo in b&w

Free Washi Tape!

Calling all Washi Tape Lovers!! I currently have an active promotion on Patreon 🎉 What is it, you ask? Well, if 5 new Patreons join the Washi Lover tier in the month of January, I will mail all my Patreons a free Little Lady Sampler. This is a 12-piece designer washi tape set designed by yours […]

HeyPatreonians! Please Read.

Ok, so first… Yes, I made up the word “Patreonian” lol.  Anyway, I wanted to share this post so that everyone is informed of how my packages and shipping works. Here it goes… MailingIt normally it takes a few days for payments to be processed, so I have decided that I won’t be shipping anything […]

HeyLadyLey is on Patreon!

I’m so excited to announce that HeyLadyLey is now on @patreon 🎉🥳💌💫 For as low as $1, you can show your support for my small business or you can choose from the other tiers carefully designed to meet your planner needs. This takes out the headache of ordering and shipping costs, and gives you the element of […]

Create an Effortless (But Eye Catching!) BuJo Cover Page

Did this cover catch your attention? I hope so! Let me tell you the story behind this cover page… Lately I have been struggling with my creativity. This isn’t unusual – I go through these phases so no big deal… but just a few days ago, I finally received a package in the mail of […]

Bullet Journaling for Dummies (Like Me!)

What is bullet journaling (bujo)? “The system organizes scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other organizational tasks into a single notebook.”

My WordPress Site Just Went Live and I’m Freaked!

My knees are shaking, and I’m sitting down. wahh. I just hit ‘Live’ on my free (yes, FREE) site and what a rush! Does that tell you about my inexperience or what? I haven’t even released my custom domain yet and I’m freaked. But wow, this kind of feels cool. It’s like winning the lottery, […]

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