Small Project Printing Services

Why Choose HeyLadyLey

Do you own a small business and need assistance with printing services for your packaging? Do you want to turn a design into a small batch of stickers? Do you make journaling sticker sheets that require a kiss cut? Or do you have a party to plan and need help adding that special touch?

HeyLadyLey offers competitive sticker printing services, specifically for small businesses or small personal projects. You’ll notice that the rates are significantly below mass producing, large label-making companies. This is in due part thanks to our extremely low overhead costs. In addition, when ordering through bigger businesses, normally you are forced to order more units for a better price per unit.

The business model at HeyLadyLey is designed so that you get the best price for even the smallest orders. Why? Easy: Supporting small, local businesses is the focus! It’s not easy to run a small business and you don’t always need large quantities. Every cent and every second of your time needs to be well spent (and saved!) and this is one of the ways we can help! But don’t worry, if you need a large order, we can do that too!

Let’s Make Stickers!

Material Options

Standard White: Glossy and environment friendly; this tearable paper material is perfect for sealing and guaranteeing delivery of untampered packages such as food orders!

White Vinyl: Waterproof and high gloss; non-tearable material; labels that reflect shine and give the extra prestige touch to products; safe from liquids, and ideal for promotional packaging (can be stuck to cases, laptops, skateboards, and other items requiring withstand from external conditions); non-removable.

Transparent Vinyl: Waterproof and semi-gloss; perfect for packaging liquids, creams, and other items that require care from water; non-tearable material; transparent; and non-removable.


Size (Inches)Price Per UnitMinimum Units Per OrderAfter X Units, Price Per Unit
2 x 2$0.3015– –
2 x 4$0.6915– –
3 x 3$0.756500, $0.65
4 x 4$2.002150, $1.60
4 x 6$2.152150, $1.85
5 x 8$4.551150, $2.80
7 x 9$8.00150, $5.00
Need a size you don’t see? No problem! Just reach out! Please note, off sizes will be considered the next size up.

Ready, Set, Go!

Please complete the information below. Any other information such as timelines or request for multiple orders and sizes can be indicated in the Additional Details section.

If you’re not sure – no worries! Just provide your name and contact and we can work together to get you exactly what you need. Alternatively, please free to reach out via Instagram Direct.

Please note: You will be required to provide a high-quality image of your logo (300dpi) in order to give you the best possible print quality.

Order Timelines

Filling Orders

On average, the shop may take 5-10 business days to fulfill orders greater than 100 pieces from the date they are placed, but please let us know if you require a quicker turnaround time and we happy to work with you. Exceptions may apply for orders greater than 500 pieces which may take more time to complete.


Local orders in Edmonton, AB have curbside pickup available in the West-End! For orders requiring shipment, please let us know in advance so we can confirm any associated costs.