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Zebra: Sarasa Nano 0.3mm, Bordeaux Purple


A great pen is so satisfying to write with! I’ve never used the Sarasa Nano 0.3mm pens before and… Wooowwww!

Here’s my review:

– The first thing I immediately noticed was how comfortable it is, esp with that soft grippy rubber end 😌
– As a person who writes so much, I’m able to write in different fonts styles and sizes, but this pen works best for those who have really small, condensed natural writing 🧐
– That friction though! 😯 If you like a pen with a bit more grit for control – winner, winner, zebra dinner! πŸ¦“

  • Retractable
  • Refillable Ink
  • Plastic Body & Cap
  • Rubber Grip
  • Weight: 13 grams or 0.45 ounce

In stock

Additional information

Weight .03 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 1 in


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